Green Man Dan

Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Nutrition, combined with excellent nutritional products and a healthy lifestyle, has restored health and given me a new life.  Angel Butter was the start of a decade plus journey of repair and renewal of my life.  Now, I help other cannabis patients get healthy and live a good life.

I was a twitchy, weird smart kid that loved football and girls.  People always told me I was ‘social boar’ but I was too busy enjoying life.  Life was good.  After helping start martial arts at Notre Dame, I earned an MBA and started my software business on a 5 acre Hippie-Homestead in the Oregon Coast Range, living with my 3 kids.  But my health was getting worse.

At 42, I was diagnosed with a genetic neurological disorder which was labeled Tourette Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia etc. My doctor, Richard W. Noble, compared my condition to being on meth, all the time.  Dr. Noble reasoned cannabis was the solution, even though impossible to implement in 1992.

In 1995, an accident disabled me and significantly aggravated my symptoms.  No amount of smoking cannabis would help.  Super nutrition would not help.  Pharmaceuticals would not help.   I lost my software business and everything else.  Dr. Noble was diagnosed with cancer in 1999 and died in 2001.  I felt I was right behind him.

In late 2002, I registered in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program as a last resort.  I was very sick and hoped to die soon; so why not get stoned to make it more pleasant.  I met Cannabis Joe and we started making Angel (Oil) Butter in April 2003.

On May 19, 2003, the Angel Butter ‘kicked in’, suddenly I could do normal tasks again.   My body felt like it could recover; I was no longer  ‘dying’.  I had relief from the pain and my body started to slowly repair.  I was still unable to work or keep a schedule and I slept /rested 18 hour per day.  Still, with just Angel Butter, I was stable and could function in social situations.

In August, 2005, I started taking high-end products that complimented the Cannabis nutrition. The improvement was instant & dramatic.  I had energy and the rate of repair increased rapidly 10 times or more.  I was able to work and meet with people.

In November 2011, I started drinking fresh, raw cannabis leaves.   Again, everything got better- smarter, stronger, faster, happier.  Cannabis Juice was  super nutrition that was repairing my entire body.  When I mixed the nutrition with the Cannabis Juice, the feeling of vitality and neurological balance was like a fountain of youth washing away my physical issues.

In December 2014, we developed our ICE Cold Elixir, a more stable and powerful version of fresh, raw cannabis juice that can be kept frozen.  ICE has provided a new level of repair and healing.

At 66 years old, I feel, look and perform very well.  My Tourette’s symptoms have all but gone away.  Repair from the1995 accident seems to be complete.  I take NO pharmaceuticals.  And I run our Farm and Cannabis business.  I call my routine Extreme Cannabis Wellness.  Life is good, again.

Extreme Cannabis Wellness means getting as healthy and strong as you can be, given your situation.  Extreme Cannabis Wellness is doing the best you can at your own pace.  Once you have the right Cannabis Nutrition, you are competing with yourself to live a better life. After extreme pain and disease, being able to focus on your health and life is empowering.

I hope this testimonial inspires and encourages you to seek relief and repair in your life.  Cannabis nutrition may be the answer you seek.  Be Well.