Cannabis Joe & Angel Butter

Hippies, Spies, Hell’s Angels and the Medicine Man

By Green Man Dan

Angel Butter has been evolving since 2003 since I connected with Cannabis Joe but the story starts in 1992 with my friend, the late Dr. Richard W. Noble, MD.  Prior to his death in 2001, Dr. Noble set us on the path to find how to develop Angel Butter.   But it was Cannabis Joe and his Hell’s Angels associates that let us help people today.

While this is an interesting tale, the important thing is that anyone can make something like Angel Butter in their own kitchen.  Anyone can have improved cannabis health benefits from the waste of the cannabis plant.

At 42, I was diagnosed with a genetic neurological disorder which was label Tourette Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia etc. Dr. Noble compared my condition to being on meth, all the time.  Dr. Noble reasoned cannabis was the solution, even though impossible to implement in 1992.

Dr. Noble agreed with research that linked that conditions such Tourette, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, OCD, Depression, Eating Disorders, Hyperactivity, Stuttering, Tics and more as having a common genetic root.  Furthermore, he felt conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s were also related to a lack of cannabinoids.

Dr, Noble speculated that 20-30 percent of the population had  ‘an endocannabinoid deficiency’ requiring plant cannabinoids as a treatment. Dr. Ethan Russo’s publication of Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) in 2004 was validation of Dr. Noble’s perspective.

Dr. Noble was part Cherokee and incorporated indigenous medicine in his practice.  He knew how cannabis been had used for millennia.  Healers used the leaves and stems, as well as the flowers, in teas and ointments for the sick.  The healing came from the whole plant in many uses, not just smoking.

Dr. Noble understood cannabinoids were unique molecules that managed repair and wellness.  Dr. Noble felt rotation of multiple cannabinoids is why medical marijuana provides both relief & repair to the body.  Cannabinoid Rotation is similar to Opioid Rotation for Pain Management.    Changing opiate medications often and unpredictably, results in better pain management.  The solution for me, my children and my fellow CECD folks was to get a rotation of non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

In 1995, an accident disabled me and significantly aggravated my symptoms.  No amount of smoking cannabis would help.  Super nutrition would not help.  Pharmaceuticals would not help. I lost my software business and everything else.  Dr. Noble was diagnosed with cancer in 1999 and died in 2001.  I felt I was right behind him.

In late 2002, I registered in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program as a last resort.  In early 2003, I met Cannabis Joe.  Joe had brain and spinal injuries that were so severe that doctors did not understand why he was alive.  He was clinically dead several times for too long to come back.  Joe had severe neurological pain.  Joe had short term memory loss; he rambled and repeated himself. Joe sounded crazy to people too simple to understand him.

Joe was involved in USA Intelligence (black ops).  Joe was injured in a failed assassination attempt.  The government soon abandoned him.  Financial and legal issues further complicated his physical problems. Joe’s life was hell.

Joe was unfairly kicked out of a cannabis coop and I quit in protest.  Broke, sick, abandoned by everyone, Joe and I decided we were going to get well.  Joe knew a special way to use marijuana, like the Hell’s Angels.

As an operative, Joe had the perfect cover, being a Hell’s Angel.   Joe observed that the Hell’s Angels ‘slow, low temperature’ brewed marijuana waste in a pot of cooking oil.   When an Angel overdosed from alcohol, meth or other drugs, they were given the ‘Angel’ Marijuana Oil.  No high, just relief and recovery from the drugs.

Joe researched the ‘Angel’ oil and learned ‘Angel’ oil provided non-psychoactive cannabinoids and cannabinoid rotation.  Joe’s explanation sounded similar to Dr. Noble.  He felt it was the key to many health issues and health care costs.  Joe said Angel oil this is what he needed for his condition.  Then, he laughed and he would forget what he just said; and that I would have to remember for him.  And I have reminded Joe for over 13 years.

We have gone from a pot on the stove to a computer controlled process system.  The oil has changed from canola to olive to extra virgin olive to extra virgin coconut oil.  The cannabis material is carefully selected and immediately put into the coconut oil.  But it is essentially the same process as Joe brought us from the Hell’s Angels.

Cannabis Joe lives in Eastern Oregon with his new wife and spend their time taking care of their horse and dogs.  But I always remind him to take his Angel Butter.

So, thanks to Sonny and the Boys for teaching their Brother Joe how to help so many people, in the spirit of the original Merry Pranksters.