Every Stoner Knows

About CECD and Cannabinoid Rotation

FYI- Only Stoners can call each other Stoners. 

We encourage family, counselors & doctors to learn from these CECD patients.  Understanding each other will help everyone work together well.

Stoner describes 10-15% the population (including Green Man Dan) that has CECD issues where they need cannabis regularly to function.  Even if Stoners have never heard of CECD or Cannabinoid Rotation, they understand them.

Plant Cannabinoids only come from hemp (marijuana) plants.  These some of these cannabinoids (just not THC) are present in Hemp Oils or Hemp Foods.  Until 70 years ago, plant cannabinoids were a staple of every pharmacy and part of a healthy diet.  Then, Reefer Madness, the Tobacco Lobby and Big Pharma….. and CECD patients are criminals.  Still, Every Stoner Knows…

  • CECD– Everyone that uses marijuana regularly knows something is physically wrong with them.
  • Rotate your marijuana regularly.  No matter how good it is to start; after a week or two, it does not help the CECD, even if you get stoned.
  • Lack of Cannabinoid Rotation leads to other drugs–  If the CECD Stoner has good Marijuana, they avoid other drugs.   Sometimes, kids are driven to other drugs to get some relief from the CECD when all they need is an Angel Oil Muffin.
  • Medical Marijuana Users Don’t Get High– if you use cannabis all the time, you develop a tolerance.  CECD Stoners seldom get really stoned; just mellow and at-ease.
  • Companion to Drugs– Marijuana is used by Drug Users to come down and relax after Meth or Ecstasy etc.   Marijuana does not lead to drugs.  Druggies use marijuana because it is a medicine.
  • Bongs before Beers– To avoid nausea and dizziness, Bongs before Beers; NOT Beers before Bongs. Most people’s negative experiences with marijuana are preceded by alcohol consumption.
  • Alcohol & Marijuana– While it makes a good ‘High’, drinking alcohol defeats much of the Medical Benefit of Cannabis.  Use of Alcohol overpowers the Plant Cannabinoids; increasing impairment and requiring more repair..
  • Stoners ‘Get by with a Little Help from their Friends‘-  To get it, they are always looking for another safer, mellower source, just in case.  CECD often determines their friends and associates.
  • Stoners Suffes Fools …. and social & legal issues to survive and live normal lives with their CECD.