Cannabinoid Rotation

Rotation of multiple cannabinoids is why medical marijuana provides both relief & repair to the body.  Every Stoner Knows– Rotate your marijuana regularly.   No matter how well a particular marijuana strain helps initially, after short while, its effectiveness is diminished, unless rotated with other strains.  Obviously, CB1 Bonding Affinity changes for different Cannabinoids

With neurological-autoimmune conditions, the body is always moving toward an off-centered, stressed state (ie- Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Tourette Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Nerve Damage, Muscle & Joint Pain, Spasms, and Sleep Disorders).  No matter what drug, counseling, physical therapy or nutrition is used, the benefit only lasts a short time before the symptoms return.

Different strains of marijuana affects patients differently.  Different strains have different combination of cannabinoids as evidenced by the different reaction to different strains.  Endocannabinoids or Plant Cannabinoids metabolize into other cannabinoid compounds.  The bonding affinity changes and different cannabinoids bond to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, with cannabinoid having a different cellular expression.  Each cannabinoid has different bonding affinity to the cannabinoid receptors  resulting in a different cellular expressions.  When multiple cannabinoids are available in abundant quantity,  different cannabinoids affect different CB receptors throughout the body.This effectively creates Cannabinoid Rotation.

Cannabinoid Rotation is similar to Opioid Rotation for Pain Management.    Changing opiate medications often and unpredictably, results in better pain management.   A chronic pain body adapts to any pain medicine rendering it ineffective, even in higher doses.  By changing the type and strength of opiates, the body has to constantly readjust, so it never can adapt and override the opiate.  Thus, Opioid rotation results in better pain relief with less opiate impairment.

CECD conditions make patients feel dis-eased rather than at-ease: anxious, depressed, pain & spasms, etc.  You always want to find something else because the last therapy work well for a while but the symptom returned.  The body is never really balanced and calm.  As soon as you try one therapy, the body adjusts to the new normal and the condition continues.

Multiple cannabinoids never let the body ever find the new normal because the cannabinoid cellular expression is constantly changing.  Thus, the unsettling symptoms diminish and the body repairs.