ICE- Test Results

ICE Cold Elixir is tested for Cannabinoids and Terpenes.  There are no tests  for the other healthy nutrients: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, chloroplasts and photo nutrients.    By themselves, they are important nutrients.  Together, they seem more effective.  The synergistic effect of combining all these nutrient is probably why ICE seems to help everything.

Super Lemon Haze  August 2015-  GLL 2015-08-12 ICE Super Lemon Haze

Blue Dream  June 2015-   GLL 2015-05-26 ICE Blue Dream -Both

Tangie C+  April 2015   –  GLL 2015-04-24 Tangie Cplus – Both

Tangie C   April 2015     –  GLL 2015-04-24 Tangie C – Both

Raspberry Kush C+ April 2015 –  GLL 2015-04-24 Raspberry Cplus – Both

Raspberry Kush C   April 2015  –  GLL 2015-04-24 Raspberry C – Both