Angel Butter Test Results

Angel Butter is fresh Cannabis Material slowly infused in Organic Coconut Oil.  Nothing Added, No Solvents, No Chemicals, No Butane.

We have tested Angel Butter several times with similar results each time.   Angel Butter has low level of THC (2 mg/gram) and other cannabinoids such as CBD (.10 mg/gram – Cannabodiol), CBN (.40 mg/gram – Cannabinol), and CBC (.70 mg/gram – Cannabichromene).  Total Cannabinoids: 3.20 mg per gram-15.6 mg per teaspoon (GLL S110552).

This range of cannabinoids allows for cannabinoid rotation and a better response to the medicine.  Each 4 oz jar contains approximately 361 mg of cannabinoids or 24 doses of 1 tsp or 15.06 mg per dose.

Our Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with 1/2 teaspoon of Angel Butter per cookie.  This cookie contains THC 6.67 mg, THCA 2.48 mg, CBDA .47 mg, CBD .47 mg, CBC 1.86 mg: Total = 11.94 mg (GLL S122073).

We recognize the mathematical discrepancy in these test results which we attribute to baker and laboratory margin of error.

Angel Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies      GLL 2015-08-27 AB Chocolate Chip Cookie

Green Leaf Labs-     February 4, 2015      Angel Butter- GLL 2-4-2015

Sunrise Analytical-  November 13, 2013  Report 13J019-01 thc

Sunrise Analytical-  November 29, 2013  Report 13K021-01 thc