Sub Critical CO2 Technology

Sub Critical CO2 technology is a CO2-Mechanical system for concentrating plant oil.  Sub Critical CO2 technology uses Dry Ice for low temperature and a vacuum for low pressure.  No Butane or other chemical are used.  We preserve more of the terpenes and other cannabis nutrients in fresh, raw cannabis.

The process to create Sub Critical CO2 products is based in physical chemistry and manipulating CO2, in a vacuum and/or water environment.  The essential concept is water freezes at 32OF and cannabinoids freeze at 40OF.  Frozen Cannabinoids are stable and can be manipulated as required.

Sub Critical CO2 technology allows us to isolate the component parts of the plant material.  We can include or exclude cannabinoids from ICE.  We can increase the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.  We can concentrate from flower or leaves.

Sub Critical CO2 products are tested for Cannabinoids and Terpenes.  There are NO tests for the other healthy nutrients: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, chloroplasts and photo nutrients.    By themselves, they are important nutrients. Together, they seem far more effective.  This synergy is called the Entourage Effect.

Isolating and Separating Nutrients

We can isolate and remove the identifiable cannabinoids. Our first Ice Cold Elixir (ICE ) Test Series was a complete success .  We achieved the desired result of isolating and removing the identified cannabinoids while preserving the delicate and volatile terpenes.

ICE TEST SET 1-  ICE Test Set 1- Grape Ape PR

First Test-           Grape Ape Flower with Cannabinoids.
Second Test-      ICE from Grape Ape with NO Cannabinoids.
Third Test-          ICE is full of Terpenes.

Preparing Material for Processing

  • Organic Fresh, Raw Cannabis
  • Plant material used is trimmed into a cooled container. We minimizing the time before the plant material is refrigerated.
  • Raw material does not get washed or cured before it becomes ICE. The cannabis plant must be ‘ready to eat’ at harvest.
  • No nasty sprays or chemicals ever, even if it is labeled ‘organic’. Even safe organic products require longer to dissipate.
  • The Grow area is a plant lab with cross-contamination protocols. Hydrogen Peroxide is used for cleaning everything.