Hemp Health – Cannabis Wellness

Hemp-Health-  Cannabis Wellness means getting as healthy and strong as you can be.  Cannabis Wellness is doing the best you can at your own pace.  Once you have the right Cannabis Nutrition, you are competing with yourself to live a better life. After extreme pain and disease, being able to focus on your health and life empowers you to be the best you can be.

Medical Use of Cannabis is a See-Saw of Reducing Damage and Increasing Repair.   Minimize the harm from Smoking Marijauna while getting the benefits of Cannabis.   The See-Saw Metabolic Model of Aging was developed by Stephen Cherniske, MS to describe Aging & Wellness.  This same concept applies to Medical Cannabis.

“The  Metabolic Model of Aging describes this as a seesaw between damage and repair, and the model holds true on every level, from the sub-microscopic realm of DNA to the cell, organs, and the entire organism”.  (Full Text)MetabolicSeeSaw

Once you have resolved the CECD issue, you can start your path to Wellness. Therapies, nutrition and diet can now make a difference and you have motivation to achieve Wellness.  However, you must follow your CECD routine to continue manage your condition

Overtime, your need for Cannabis medicine may change but do so gradually.  It took a long time to get here; it will take a while to get back.  Be easy on yourself, gentle; give yourself a break.  No pressure; no rush.  Your Perspective on CECD & Using Cannabis should be Flexibility & Confidence while you get Relief & Wellness.

  • Get Really Stoned–  When you start addressing your CECD issue use as much Cannabis Medicine, in different forms,  as you feel you need.  Error to the side of excess.  Make sure you are in a safe, comfortable environment; probably at home where you can sleep if you want to.  Avoid ALCOHOL when you are getting acclimated to having enough medicine.
  • Vaporizing or Dabbing Smoke only top-shelf bud & oils that works for you. Inhaling hot carbon smoke is not healthy. Get the most relief for the least amount of carbon.
  • Avoid Coffee, Pop and Junk Food.  Give your body every chance to repair to wellness.
  • Abundance of Cannabinoids– Teach Your Body that it has more than enough Cannabinoids.  Let Your Body knows it can relax and repair.   For a CECD Patient, the anxiety of not having enough Cannabis Medicine, can make your condition worse.  Indulge yourself; feel privileged, blessed and entitled; use the gift you have been given.  Our Angel Butter and ICE Cold Elixir are designed for Extreme Wellness.
  • Be Strong & Relax- Take no grief; suffer no fools.  You have a medical condition.  You have found something that helps.  Do not let anyone take away your chance for Wellness.  Avoid negative, uninformed people; do not try to convince anyone.  Just Get Better…
  • Never Get Stoned Again- Enjoy the ‘Stoner Abundance’ and the ‘Marijuana High’; It will not last long.   In a short while after using Cannabis, regularly & medically, you will no longer get stoned, ripped, wasted….gone forever.   You will feel relaxed, comfortable and get healthier; but no longer stoned.  Oh, well…it is worth it.
  • Reduce Your Smoking- When you can no longer get ‘high’ and  you are tried of coughing, you will want to reduce your smoking and find other Cannabis forms that work for you.   Our experience is almost all CECD patients continue to require some smoking to get relief.   We want to reduce damage from smoking.  We are not trying to stop anyone from smoking Cannabis.   You will find your own mix of medicine and you probably will reduce your smoking.
  • Prescription Drugs– Proper Use of Cannabis usually reduce the dosage of prescription drugs overtime.  If you feel you no longer need prescription drugs, be cautious; do so slowly with your doctor’s guidance.   Cannabis works differently than prescription drugs.

Steps to Cannabis Wellness

  • Stop Smoking Tobacco, Reduce your Coffee & Alcohol
  • Take Calcium during the day; and Magnesium at night.
  • Take Omega 3 Oil
  • Get more Antioxidants.
  • Eat Organic; Live Food is Best
  • Reduce you animal products to less than 30% of your calories.
  • Get good Nutritional Supplements.
  • Exercise
  • Meditate, Prayer, Be Grateful