Full Spectrum Cannabinoids = Vitality

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids gives you Vitality.  Vitality is highly developed mental focus and physical vigor.  We cannot change our genetic conditions or stop the aging process.  But we can dramatically change the way we feel and experience life with the right cannabis nutrition.
  • Relief–  Take as much cannabis as required to relieve symptoms as much as possible.  Convince your body it get all the relief it needs. Smoke, vaporize and eat medibles as you choose.   
  • Repair–  Most patients need Non-Psychoactive cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN) and other nutrients in the Cannabis plant.  Adding healthy Cannabis Nutrients. Non-Psychoactive cannabinoids will begin the repair process.  Fresh, raw cannabis plant material the best source of Non-Psychoactive cannabinoids.
  • Relax–  Relax with the confidence that you can have a higher quality of life, a renewal of health.  Don’t expect too much too soon.  While some experience immediate relief, most take longer.  It may take months for full effect; be patient. 
  • Renew–  Cannabis teaches the body how to repair itself.  Now, the body needs the right raw materials to reduce the damage and increase the repair.  Good nutrition, quality supplements and healthy lifestyle choices are the path to Vitality.
The body makes its own cannabinoids called endocannabinoids.  Everybody needs cannabinoids.  People with damaged or weakened production of endocannabinoids need medical cannabis, like diabetics needs insulin.  This concept and condition is called Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD).
Most medical marijuana patients need more than just great bud.  Resolving the CECD issue is necessary, but not the complete answer to any medical condition. But once the CECD issue is resolved, non-cannabis treatments can be effective.  Then, your body can repair the underlying condition, moving you forward to Wellness.
Cannabis Angels Mechanical-H2O system for preserving and concentrating plant crystals and oil.  No Butane or other chemical are used.   We preserve more of the terpenes and other cannabis nutrients for the smooth taste of relief and the healthy benefits of repair.
Our products contain no plant material or fillersr. Tests show approximately 75% is THC, CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC.  The other 25% is cannabis nutrients that are usually lost in processing and not measured.  We preserve the other 25% with great benefit to the patients.
Ice Cold Elixir (ICE) is Non-Psychoactive, frozen, cold filtered fresh raw cannabis juice.  ICE contains healthy Cannabis nutrients: cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, chloroplasts and photo nutrients.
Angel Butter is a fresh raw cannabis in coconut oil with low level of THC. Angel Butter is primarily CBD and many Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids.
Cannabis Angels products are available to OMMP patients in the Portland Area OLCC Dispensaries.  Please feel free to contact us at info@cannabisangels.com.
Thanks for your time considering Little Farma and Cannabis Angels.


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