Ice Cold Elixir

Cannabis Super Food

ICE doesn’t fix anything; ICE helps everything.

 Ice Cold Elixir (ICE) is Non-Psychoactive, Frozen,
Cold Filtered Fresh Raw Cannabis Juice.

  • ICE is a robust Entourage of Cannabis Nutrients from the Whole Cannabis Plant
  • ICE isolates the healthy Cannabis nutrients: cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, chloroplasts and photo nutrients that are normally destroyed or escape in processing.
  • ICE processing removes almost all plant material, wax and water, leaving an Entourage of Cannabis Nutrients to bring relief and repair to the body.
  • ICE utilizes  CO2  in a water and CO2 (Liquid and Block) environment. The freshly frozen cannabis material is never above 40 F, preserving the Entourage of Cannabis Nutrients.
  • ICE is a Full Spectrum Cannabinoids, Non-Psychoactive, fresh iced beverage that tastes like lemon-cannabis water that gives you the ‘Elixir Grin’ because you feel so much better that you just grin.
  • ICE delivers the benefits of fresh raw cannabis juice in a more stable form.
  • ICE has helps people with more energy and stamina, improved mental clarity, handle stress better and more flexibility.
  • ICE seems to help everything that Cannabis is known to helps because the body gets nutrients it needs to repair.


Flower ICE

Flower ICE is a potent, concentration of Cannabis Nutrients.  Flower ICE is made from material trimmed from the Flower during harvest. Patients with serious, progressive conditions notice the most improvement with Flower ICE.  Flower ICE has a Cannabis Nutrient profile similar to the source Flower and many undefined Entourage of Cannabis Nutrients.  

Dr. William Courtney and Kristen Peskuski of have posted two excellent videos introducing the benefits of juicing medical cannabis. Please view them at YouTube- Leaf and YouTube- Power of Raw Cannabis. ICE provides the same benefits as fresh, raw cannabis juice, in a consumer friendly form.  ICE is more concentrated than traditional fresh, raw cannabis juice.

Dosage and Use– 1 oz to 4 oz, twice a day.  ICE is sold frozen in a 4 oz plastic drinking bottle to preserve its freshness.  When starting, take a 2x (double) dose for a week.  If you want more, you probably need more.

Suggestions– Let ICE partially thaw and sip at your own pace.  Dilute with water to taste. Mix with other nutrition beverages for increased benefits.  Drink extra water for higher dosages.   The healthy molecules need extra water to benefit the body most.  Remember to keep ICE cold at all times to maintain the healthy benefits. ICE is often sipped straight or mixed to maintain the ‘Elixir Grin’. Best to keep ICE iced and you can refreeze ICE.

Re-Freezing ICE

  • Once the ICE has been above 40O F, decomposition of the nutrients begins. While it cannot be reversed, refreezing significantly retards decomposition.
  • Still before any decomposition, the 8O Fahrenheit differential, allows some thawing and sipping.
  • Decomposition begins be an issue after a few hours at room temperature.
  • Decomposition is a loss of potency only. ICE is still beneficial for 48 hours or more if completely thawed in a refrigerator.
  • ICE can be refrozen. Each refreeze does reduce potency some, we do not know how much.  Best to finish ICE in 48 hours rather than multiple refreezes.

Temperature Control for ICE

  • The product is always over 32OF and under 40OF; we target to keep it at 34OF until bottled and frozen.
  • Plant material used is trimmed into a cooled container. We minimizing the time before the plant material is refrigerated.
  • We put an ice cube put in each ICE container for the consumer to know that the ICE has been frozen since bottling. ICE is delivered frozen for freshness and shelf life.