Dab Concentrate

Dab Concentrate is cannabis Concentrate, not an Extract. Dab Concentrate is the oil of fresh, raw cannabis; partially cured; then frozen until processed with our propriety Sub Critical CO2 system.  Sub Critical CO2 technology is a CO2-Mechanical system for concentrating plant oil.  Sub Critical CO2 technology uses Dry Ice for low temperature and a vacuum for low pressure. No Butane or other chemical are used.   We preserve more of the terpenes and other cannabis nutrients for the smooth taste of relief and the healthy benefits of repair.

Dab Concentrate contains no plant material, fillers or water. Tests show approximately 75% is THC, CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC.  The other 25% is cannabis nutrients that are usually lost in processing and not measured.  We preserve the other 25% with great benefit to the patients.