OLCC ‘Cash 22’

We are an OMMP Grower stuck in OLCC ‘Cash 22’.

Calling All Cannabis Angels …..


We want to pre-sell our Marijuana Flower and other products to OLCC Dispensaries and Processors to complete our OLCC Requirements.  We can transfer the Inventory to the Dispensary or Processor immediately.  If not, a suitable, short term agreement can be written for a future transfer.


Rules & Regulations

OLCC and Washington County required us to rebuild a new OLCC Grow Site Premises, Little Farma LLC, on our 5 acre homestead farm known as Little Farma. We have submitted our OLCC Application and are waiting for OLCC Inspection.



Our Investor withdrew and we need cash to complete these tasks.  We need to finish OLCC requirements to complete our Little Farma OLCC Premise License. Requirements include Fencing and expanding the Processing-Storage building.  The first available funds would be used to meet OLCC requirements.  The next funds would be utilized to improve OLCC facilities and register for Hemp Production and Processing with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).



We had a good year producing marketable OMMP Marijuana.  However, NOT having our OLCC license yet, prevents normal sales to OLCC Dispensaries. When transferred from OMMP patients to OLCC, the Inventory will be saleable with our OLCC License


New Cannabis Angels- New Partners

We are looking for OLCC Businesses and Investors to build a new Cannabis business.  Perhaps the best reason to help us with the OLCC Requirements is to see if we have complimentary business plans.


Email us at CannabisAngels@gmail.com to contact us and learn more.
Thanks for your time considering Little Farma and Cannabis Angels.


Green Man Dan


Little Farma Video

This video will introduce you to our perspective and how we operate on Little Farma and how we grow plants.